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hand painted Kitchens.

Hand painting a kitchen can change the feel of an entire house.

An alternative to generic plastic and toxic polyurethane.

A cost effective option to modernise and update.

Every brush stroke is unique.

Every door is unique.

Every kitchen is unique.

New kitchens

Dismantle doors


Extensive preparation off-site in workshop to keep disruption & dust in house to a minimum


Prepare kitchen frame on-site


Fill gaps, dints & joints, making good of surfaces


Final coat is applied onsite to guarantee a perfect seamless finish

New designer cabinetry handles & hardware fitted

existing kitchens
Before & after
  • Solid brushstroke

  • Antique rub

  • Distressed

  • Whitewash


I use a range of
- exclusively sourced
- environmentally friendly products      

- acrylic based to guarantee a water resistance, durable and extremely easy to maintain finish


No on-going maintenance is required

Do not use products on paint work

Easily cleaned with a damp cloth

If damage occurs to the kitchen it easily corrected by contacting Ciara to have the damage touched up. No wait time and inexpensive.


'Polyurethane extends longevity and is more durable than painting'

Contrary to popular belief, polyurethane is an unnecessary product that weighs heavily on the pocket as well as the environment.

It yellows over time and has actually been banned in Europe due to its negative health effects.

With the right preparation and product you can lose that plastic look and feel of polyurethane and achieve an authentic hand painted finish which shimmers with quality and feels silky soft.


'Hand painted kitchens only suit country homes'

A common misconception. Ciara has worked in homes from classic to modern and it is all to do with the style of your door, the colour you pick and the hand painted finish you choose.

This is where Ciara's extensive product knowledge, attention to detail and customer-orientated service can help you create your dream home, delivering on time and within budget.

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